DX-Mixer Mixing Tip Free Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to first 20 customers who have won 1 FREE bag of DX-Mixer Mixing Tip For Dental Impression !
As it took a while to get launched and our customers waited for a long time, it was a meaningful event for us also. 
Please join us in congratulating our 20 lucky winners:
Dr. Scott A.
Dr. Nancy R.
Dr. Paulette N.
Dr. Michael M.
Dr. Carol V.
Dr. Leonard B.
Dr. Parsong L.
Dr. Bill C.
Dr. Gary B.
Dr. Nicole K.
Dr. Neeta S.
Dr. Grace H.
Dr. Thomas P.
Dr. Stephen M.
Dr. Owen L.
Dr. Frank H.
Dr. Erik H.
Dr. Nyi W.

Dr. Michelle K.

Dr. David B.


Thanks to everyone who have participated and make this event a success!

We have all given out prizes to the winners. Feedbacks are always welcome!

Please keep an eye on our newsletter emails for any opportunity and stay tuned for our next event!


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