EZ-Scalpel Blade Remover (5ea.)
EZ-Scalpel Blade Remover (5ea.)
EZ-Scalpel Blade Remover (5ea.)
EZ-Scalpel Blade Remover (5ea.)
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EZ-Scalpel Blade Remover (5ea.)

EZ-Scalpel Blade Remover (5ea.)


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Disposable Blade Remover (5cases/set)

Disposable Blade Remover is a simple but efficient way to prevent cuts, scrapes, and possible infection when removing and disposing blades with no direct contact with the blade

Easily and securely remove used scalpel blades for disposal

• Palm-sized round design made with rigid and durable polypropylene

• User is able to safely and hygienically remove the blades with one simple pull

• Store up to 100 blades

• Store not only used scalpel blades but also medical needles, dermaplaning tools, dermaplaning razors, and other small blades

• High quality made in Korea


1. Orient the blade up and insert the Mes blade attached handle all the way into the remover at a 30° angle.

2. Lift the handle upwards horizontally.

3. Pull the handle from the remover.


• This device is for medical use. Use care when handling blades.

• Do not lift the handle above horizontal. It makes removing the blade more difficult.

• Reuse is prohibited to prevent infection