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The Lightest and Most Efficient 2-in-1 Cordless 

Obturation System

Endo-Apex is one of the most advanced and efficient cordless 

obturation system ever introduced. Endo-Apex successfully 

delivers predictable results in vertical condensation and 

3 dimensional thermo-plasticized obturation.  

The 2 most effective individual obturation device (Friendo, 

Gutta Easy) are beautifully combined as one convenient package 

for maximum efficiency.

Thermoplastic obturation gun for back-fill treatment 

of root canal filling material used after cleaning and 

shaping of the canal

3 Temperature Settings & Fast Heating Speed

160°C / 180C° / 200°C

Takes only 23 sec. to reach 200°C

360° Swivel

Provides better access to root canals

WIPO PATENT: PCT / KR2009 / 003683

Easy Back-fill

Reduces hand and wrist fatigue and

adds more precision to reaching canals

3 Temperature Settings & Fast

Heating Speed

170°C / 200°C / 230°C
takes only 0.28 sec. to reach 230°C

Heats only at tip end

Heats only at the end of the tip preventing any burns near patient's mouth

Pen Tip Size (End Diameter / Taper)


Its weight is evenly distributed and 
weighs almost 50% less than other brands

Warm vertical condensation pen for softening,

spreading and compacting root canal filling material

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Friendo (Pen)

Gutta Easy (Gun)

Operating Time

3 sec. shot x 100

1 hr. and 45 min.

Operating Temperature



Charging Time

2 hrs. and 30 min.

2 hrs. and 30 min.


68g (2.3oz)

200g (7oz)

Charger Weight

453g (15.9oz)

AC Adapter Weight

200g (7oz)

Charger Input Power

AC 100~250V, 50~60 Hz

Charger Output Power

6V DC, 2.5A


Clinical Field 

Test Review

A training video which explains how to use the Endo-Apex dual obturation system from DXM step by step. 

This video covers the entire vertical condensation and back fill obturation procedures.


Charger has a burning smell

When different adapter is used, since the voltages are different, it will burn your unit. It is very crucial that you use our adapters for our products only. Please contact us immediately

Battery pins / Charger pins are corroded and will not charge

Pins corrode due to too much sterilization. Any liquid left from sterilization will cause corrosion. Make sure to have the unit dry after sterilization.

Friendo Pen is not turning on

This is the most common complaint that we receive from the customers.

Almost 98% cases are due to lack of charging.

Please keep the unit charged at ALL TIMES for longer battery lifespan.

Why does my Friendo Heating Condensation Pen stop heating after a few seconds?

The heating stops after 3 seconds and activates again after a short pause because we have upgraded our software to prevent any burns with longer heating cycle during the treatment for patient safety.

My Gutta Easy obturation gun shows “Er1”. What does this mean?

“Er1” shows on LED display when the heater is in a bad contact with the PCB inside. 

Try turning the heater around and if it still doesn’t work, please request for an inspection.

My Gutta Easy obturation gun does not turn on. What should I do?

If the gun was not charged, charge it, and try turning it on again.

Also, try the reset button on the bottom of the handpiece. Press the square button. Once pressed, it will click in. Leave it for few seconds and press it again. Unit will turn on. If it still doesn’t turn on, please request for an inspection.

Gutta percha pellet is stuck in my Gutta Easy obturation gun and does not work

Please request for an inspection. Our repair department would have to disassemble the unit and remove the pellet inside.

To prevent this from happening, please use 1 pellet at a time. Do not use 2. Once the pellet is inserted, insert the plunger pushing towards the mouth of the handpiece.

Also, make sure the plunger has the white o-ring (Teflon ring) in place.