D6 Operatory Light

D6 HEXA OPERATORY LIGHT featured on Inside Dentistry Editorial

The D6 HEXA LED shadow-free dental and medical operatory light produces cool, natural light with superior color rendering performance for correct tooth shade, soft tissue differentiation, and vein colorization. Its nine levels of luminance intensity can be conveniently adjusted to fit any desired ambient light conditions. Additionally, it produces far more light power per watt than any conventional halogen and most LED light sources.

Features of the D6 HEXA include:
- Cool and comfortable shadow-free illumination
- Less wasted heat energy lowers energy bills
- Lasts ten times longer than halogen lights
- Perfectly safe from infrared and ultraviolet radiation
- Lifetime bulb replacement warranty and 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
D6 greatly improves visibility in dental procedures by generating up to 60,000 to 65,000 lux of luminance intensity. D6’s luminance intensity and color temperature are tuned and balanced to maximize eye comfort and minimize eyestrain when in use. Also, the uniquely engineered fanless ventilation system allows optimal heat dissipation and prolongs the life span of the LEDs.
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