Hawk HD Intraoral Camera

Hawk HD Intraoral Camera featured on Inside Dentistry Editorial

Powerful, user-friendly technology from DXM (Dentazon)
HAWK HD from DXM (Dentazon) is a powerful, high-definition intraoral camera that offers the industry’s highest resolution (1280 x 720) and is designed to ensure accurate diagnosis of patients. It delivers precise, true-to-life images to view the details of any area of the mouth.

With the capability to choose between manual or auto focus and easily switch to Caries Detection Mode, the Hawk HD combines high performance with incredible operator control. Hawk HD’s Caries Detection Mode is supported by the XVlite software program by Apteryx, Inc. The camera features 15 advanced LED lights to mimic sunlight and provide correct color representation to aid in diagnosis. A crystal clear, uniform image is delivered every time you use Hawk HD, thanks to the variable focus liquid lens, which eliminates image distortion. To focus the camera, simply glide your finger on the Focus Point to clarify any area of the mouth on the screen.

The camera is designed with 3 different capture buttons to ensure ease of use and effectiveness for all users. The slim and lightweight handpiece delivers an ergonomic design for the operator, allowing for maximum maneuverability in the oral cavity. The rounded camera head ensures that the image capture experience is comfortable for the patient as well.

Featuring USB Plug and Play technology, Hawk HD offers a quick and easy setup for both its hardware and software components. Because of the direct connection, no interface or device is required between the handpiece and computer, which means there is no separate power supply, capture card, or additional device driver to worry about. The full specifications of the Hawk HD intraoral camera are available at dentzon.com.

Thanks to its impressive features and careful, thoughtful design, the Hawk HD can be easily integrated into any dental practice. Its power helps provide accurate diagnosis of patients while its design means maximum comfort for users.


• Highest resolution on the market at 1280 x 720
• Variable focus lens allows for sharp, uniform images without distortion 
• 15 LED lights offer accurate color representation 
• Caries Detection Mode assists in early detection and monitoring of caries
• Lightweight, curved design is ergonomic for the operator and comfortable for patients
• USB installation is fast and easy with no need for additional drivers
Inside Dentistry Editorial link : Hawk HD on Inside Dentistry
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