[NEW] Intra-Oral Tip Assembler


Intraoral Tip Assembler

featured on May Issue on Dental Product Shopper

Intraoral Tip Assembler is a case made for storing intraoral tips. 
Generally, dental clinics store intraoral tips in a plastic bag and is very inconvenient in preparing and storing them.
Especially when attaching intraoral tip to a static mixer,  it gets slippery, gloves get ripped off, and often hurts the hands.
IOTA will prevent any convenience and easily attach to a static mixer as well as storing up to 25 tips.
It will reduce the chair time and be able to safely attach the intraoral tip by placing IOTA per each chair in clinic.
Applicable tips : Heavy Body (6.5mm tip), Light Body (4.2mm tip), Core Material
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